Recent Photos Of Eagle Ford Shale Projects

Here are some recent photos taken in the Eagle Ford shale area of South Texas, (Mostly in LaSalle and McMullen counties).

Below is a photo of a new Eagle Ford shale pipeline pumping and oil terminal station located on Hwy-97, East of Cotulla. The amount of steel being poured into this oilfield, in the form of pipe, tanks, etc., is absolutely incredible. Much of it is arriving in South Texas by rail car. Both imported and domestic steel is being used in many of these projects.

Pipeline pumping station in Eagle Ford shale near Cotulla

New Plains Pipeline pumping station near Tilden, in McMullen County Texas.

Plains Pipeline Tilden Station under construction

Below, a recently installed flare on an Eagle Ford shale tank battery. It is flaring gas that comes off of high gravity oil stored in tanks. By flaring gas in this manner, pollution and global warming gasses are reduced.

Flare on Eagle Ford shale well

A drilling rig on a new well near Cuero Texas.

Drilling rig and cows

Below, a large Weatherford pumpjack, which features an electric motor, powered by a portable generator. The large electric lines in the background are for cross-country transmission, and are unable to power the well.  Electric lines must eventually be ran to many of the new pumpjacks in the Eagle Ford shale, a task which is up to workers such as those in the following photo.

Pumpjack running on portable generator in Eagle Ford shale area


Below, Freddy Cuevas (left) and Edward Rendon (right), are working for a company contracted to Medina Electric COOP to install new power lines to pumpjacks near Los Angeles TX.  Electric providers in South Texas are struggling to meet the needs of a rapidly growing oilfield.

Electric line expansion in Eagle Ford shale area

Below, new electric poles on trailer, about to be installed as part of Medina Electric COOP’s Eagle Ford shale expansion efforts.

New poles for Medina electric eagle ford shale expansion

The Eagle Ford shale oil and gas discovery will require the largest expansion of rural electricity lines in the history of South Texas. A single pumpjack requires three phase electrical power and draws many kilowatt hours of energy. Substations, such as the one below owned by South Texas Electric Cooperative, along with transmission lines and generation facilities will all require upgrading.

Electrical substation in Eagle Ford shale

New electrical substation under construction near Campbelton, north of Three Rivers, Texas.

Drilling rig next to a field of flowers in the Eagle Ford shale area of South Texas.

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