Karnes County Eagle Ford Shale Photos

Oil and gas  drilling activity  is continuing to pick up  across Karnes County Texas.  This  is one of the core areas of the Eagle Ford Shale,  since it straddles  the oil and condensate window or “sweet spot” of the play.  There have been around 245  permits  issued since the first of the year by the Texas Railroad Commission for new horizontal  Eagle Ford Shale wells in Karnes County. Oil and gas companies that are drilling wells in the Karnes County Eagle Ford shale include  Pioneer Natural Resources, Talisman Energy,  Marathon Oil, Plains Exploration, Paloma Resources, EOG  Resources, Petrohawk, Murphy Exploration and Production,  Crimson  Exploration  And Matador Production Company.  The Eagle Ford Shale in Karnes County Texas  offers some of the most productive rock in the entire play.  Wells such as  EOG Resource’s  Deleon-Reinhard Unit #1H,  which produced 2,235 barrels of oil and 1.2 million cubic feet of natural gas per day (IP or  initial production,)  help to make investor presentations look very good.  Those who have not visited  Karnes City  in a  few years might not recognize the place because of all the new business activity and traffic. Across Karnes County rigs drilling Eagle Ford Shale wells stand like exclamation points, proclaiming the new oil discovery.

Below is a map of the Eagle Ford Shale play showing Karnes County’s  location in the oil and condensate window.

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 a contour map of the Eagle Ford shale showing  Karnes County

Below are some recent photos taken in Eagle Ford Shale in and around Karnes county Texas. Below is a photo of a natural gas flare burning off H2S gas at night on a well just south of the Atascosa county line.  Normally the  small  farm to market road  seen in the photo below (on the right,) would be clogged with oilfield traffic. This photo however was taken on Easter Sunday.

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 gas well flare burning at night 

Below is a photo of a brand-new Weatherford pumpjack  on an  Eagle Ford Shale well in Karnes County. Some  new wells drilled in the oil and condensate window of the play will produce  oil for a while on their own, before a  pumpjack must be installed. Most pumpjacks in the Eagle Ford shale are powered by electric motors, which offer greater reliability and less maintenance than natural gas powered pumpjack engines. The downside is that there is not enough electricity available for new well sites, and pumping units must be placed on a portable generator, such as the one seen below.  The power grid across much of the Eagle Ford Shale was installed many years ago as part of the Rural Electrification Project initiated by Pres. Lyndon Baines Johnson. It was never designed to supply millions of watts of power to oil wells, compressor stations, saltwater disposal wells, and other  such energy hogging infrastructure.   Some  rural residents in South Texas are already reporting brownouts and power surges due to heavy demands placed  on old lines. Power companies such as Medina Electric and South Texas  Electric Cooperative are building literally dozens of new electric substations and laying new power lines to oil and gas wells in Karnes County, as well as across the entire Eagle Ford Shale play. The second photo shows a power substation in Karnes County under construction.

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 a new pump jack made by the Weatherford Corporation

Below, trucks hauling frac sand in Karnes county, near the Live Oak county line. Eagle Ford shale related truck traffic is quickly taking its toll on highways such as SH-72, which were never designed for this level of activity.

Karnes county truck traffic, trucks hauling frac sand for Eagle Ford shale wells.

 Eagle Ford Shale electric substation

Please  check back with us soon for more photos of Eagle Ford Shale, including Karnes and DeWitt counties.

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