How To Find Where New Eagle Ford Shale Wells Are Being Drilled


How To Locate New Eagle Ford Shale Drilling Activity

If you are a landowner and curious about where drilling activity is taking place in your county there are a couple of ways to find out where new Eagle Ford shale wells are being drilled. One way is to use the GIS map  viewer to see where new Eagle Ford shale wells are being drilled. See RRC Map Viewer

Here is how to interpret what you see in the RRC GIS viewer. In the image below you can see a pentagon shaped black symbol. This is the location of the well or rig. The horizontal line emanating from it is the horizontally drilled oil or gas well. Blue dots are vertical wells, most likely not Eagle Ford shale wells. Note that you may find several laterals coming from one well pad.

Another way is to check the Texas Railroad Commission’s database for new permits in your area.

Visit: Texas RRC Permit Database

Unless you are looking for Eagle Ford shale wells by a specific operator do not fill in any of the boxes except “County”.  Choose the county where your property is located and scroll to the bottom of the page and enter in the dates of the search you want to perform.

Generally a search of about four months will pull up most of the wells that are planned and a few of them will have already been drilled.

Enter the dates in MM/DD/YYYY  Format.

Depending on the number of months you search you could come up with pages of results. The results will show both vertical and horizontal well bores. Some vertical wells may be pilot holes or test holes.

You may be able to recognize what area of the county drilling is occurring by the Lease Name. If you click on Lease Name you can see the approximate distance from the nearest town and in what direction.

Farther down you can see the  Field Name, which indicates what field, such as “Hawkville, Eagle Ford Shale” etc.

You can even see a map of the proposed well location by clicking on the Map icon next to the API number under “Surface Location Information”.

For more on how to find maps of oil and gas wells in Texas using the RRC GIS viewer see the following instructions: How To Use The Texas RRC Oil and Gas Wells Map Viewer

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