Eagle Ford Shale Sign Photos

Here are some photos of Eagle Ford shale “signs of the times.” The countryside around South Texas is changing fast. Here are some new signs that we photographed recently while making the rounds around the largest oilfield in Texas. It seems like around every bend in the road is a newly placed sign, warning visitors of everything from “NO Oilfield Traffic” or for pipeline crew to “Watch Out For Overhead Power Lines,” or “Rig Move In Progress.”

Drilling rig sign for Patterson – UTI rig # 531, found south of Cotulla, Texas in the Eagle Ford shale. Drilling rig signs help workers and truckers find oil rig locations. If a rig is located far off of the highway, you may have to follow a dozen or more of these portable rig signs, which point the way to the rig’s location.

Patterson UTI drilling rig company sign

Below, seismic crews are still busy surveying across the shale area. Motorists are warned to watch out for seismic crews ahead.

Call Before You Dig! That’s the message of Texas 811, a nonprofit organization which provides a free phone number, 811, for people to call before excavating near possible high pressure oil and gas pipeline locations.

“Sign, sign, everywhere’s a sign.” Sign Ad, an outdoor advertising company is placing outdoor signs all across the Eagle Ford shale to take advantage of increased traffic counts on roads in South Texas due to the oil boom. Big Wells, named for large flowing water wells once used to irrigate crops, is quickly becoming an oil boom town. (Note how the asphalt in this photo is bleeding through due to heavy truck traffic.)

Big Wells Texas

Another Eagle Ford shale sign of the times. Residents of towns such as Tilden seek to earn income by leasing or selling housing for oilfield workers. “How many you need?” asks this hastily scribbled sign on a mesquite tree across from the McMullen county courthouse in Tilden.

Oil and gas companies take trespassing onto private property very seriously. Below, a sign put up by EFS Midstream outside of one of their pumping stations in DeWitt county.

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