Eagle Ford Shale Infrastructure Construction Photos

Below  are some photographs showing infrastructure construction in Eagle Ford Shale. All along the liquids –rich “volatile oil” and “wet gas and condensate” windows of the play you can  see some kind of construction  activity underway, as new pipelines, wells, compressor stations and other infrastructure are in various stages of completion.   Below is a photo of a new pipeline pumping station and oil and gas processing facility near Karnes City  Texas.

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New pipeline pumping station and natural gas processing plant Karnes County.

South Texas Electric Cooperative installing new electric lines for Eagle Ford shale pumpjacks, such as the one seen in the background.

 South Texas electrical cooperative installing new lines in Eagle Ford Shale

Heckmann Water Resources saltwater disposal facility in the Eagle Ford shale near Gonzales, TX. Large volumes of water are used when completing Eagle Ford shale wells with hydraulic fracturing. Much of that water eventually returns to the surface, along with oil and gas, over the life of the well. This oilfield waste water often contains salt and other elements that make it unusable and it must be disposed of in accordance with TNRCC and Texas Railroad Commission regulations. In the Eagle Ford shale, saltwater injection or disposal wells are one means used to dispose of produced water. Recycling of used frac water is catching on, though it is not as widely used as it is in the Marcellus shale of Pennsylvania.

A saltwater disposal facility in the Eagle Ford shale near Shiner, TX.

Two Weatherford pumpjacks sit side by side, recently installed on a new Eagle Ford shale well near Cuero, TX.

Twin Weatherford pumpjacks on a new well location in the Eagle Ford shale near Gonzales

Pipeline workers in the Eagle Ford shale near Cuero ham it up for the photographer.

Pipeline workers in the Eagle Ford shale near Cuero laying a new pipeline.

A new 6″ oil and gas gathering line being laid to serve one of many new wells around Cuero Texas.

Photo of pipeline construction in the Eagle Ford shale near Cuero in DeWitt county.

A new tank battery, part of Eagle Ford shale infrastructure owned by EFS Midstream, LLC.

Eagle ford shale pipeline infrastructure, tanks.

Below, another new natural gas liquids processing plant in the Eagle Ford shale, near Cuero.

A new natural gas processing plant in DeWitt county.

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