Eagle Ford Shale Construction Photos

Here are some more photos of pipeline and construction projects in the Eagle Ford shale. As the heat of summer wears on, construction projects continue at full steam, from DeWitt county, all the was to Maverick county near the border. Eagle Ford shale pipeline jobs are multiplying, providing a hard but lucrative way to earn a living.  Pipeline construction companies often receive a bonus to complete projects ahead of time, so the work goes on at a breakneck pace all day long,. Welders and heavy equipment operators have moved by the hundreds into areas where companies such as Enterprise Products Partners are laying high capacity oil and gas pipelines in South Texas. Below is a photo of an Eagle Ford shale pipeline crossing US-281 north of Tilden Texas. Here the construction company is installing pipeline, in a protective sleeve, under the highway.

Eagle Ford Gathering Inc. is building  a 600 MMcf / day,  30-inch natural gas  pipeline  in the western Eagle Ford Shale play which will deliver gas to Copano Energy’s Houston Central plant . It will be completed near the third quarter of 2011. Other major pipeline projects, including crude oil pipelines by Enterprise Products Partners, will be completed by mid 2012. South Texas drivers may see fewer crude oil trucks on the road, as wells are connected to new gathering lines, but drilling activity will most likely accelerate as a result of having easier access to crude markets.

The next image shows an Eagle Ford shale drilling rig near Cuero, Texas.

Oil drilling rig Eagle Ford shale

Below, photo of seismic surveying equipment and a sign warning motorists of survey crews ahead.

Below, another Eagle Ford shale pipeline construction project crossing SH-72, east of Fowlerton, Texas

Below, another crude oil pipeline being built by a construction company in McMullen County. Seen from the air, much of South Texas is taking on a “spiderweb” appearance, due to all of the multiple pipelines being built to carry the millions of barrels of crude oil as well as billions of cubic feet of natural gas that will flow from new horizontal wells in the Eagle Ford shale.

New tank battery and natural gas flare in South Texas.

Oil well near Cuero Texas Gonzales county

An older, non-Eagle Ford shale gas well on the Live Oak County line. Much of the Eagle Ford shale drilling activity is taking place just to the north of this well, in the liquids – rich “volatile oil” zone.

Gas well in Live Oak County Texas

H&P Flex Rig number 299, drilling a new well. “Flex Rigs” use state of the art electronics, including variable frequency drives and a computerized drilling system which that controls the weight on bit, torque and drilling fluid pressure in a precise manner. Flex rigs may also be equipped with a skidding package, which allows multiple wells to be drilled from the same pad easily.  Flex Rigs like this one are designed to move quickly from well to well, a big advantage over conventional drilling rigs. According to H&P, Flex Rigs can be moved on average 4.4 days faster  and save $75,000 compared to a conventional rig. (Based on studies from 1999 and 2000). New Flex 3 rigs  feature a top drive system that is integrated into the mast, eliminating rigging up and rigging down during rig moves.

Below: A rig in the Eagle Ford shale near Karnes City, Texas.

eagle ford shale drilling rig

Oil well and gravel trucks in Wilson County. Rural roads are becoming increasingly dangerous due to higher volumes of truck traffic.

Below, RV parks and oilfield pipe yards in the Eagle Ford shale are multiplying daily, as residents of South Texas seek to get maximum benefits from property with road frontage. This one is located just outside of Tilden, Texas, in McMullen county.

Below, large diameter pipe being unloaded at new terminal near Gardendale, TX, north of Cotulla operated by Gardendale Railroad and Eagle Ford Logistics, LLC. The size of these facilities as well how much pipe they are handling daily, is truly amazing.  At Gardendale, Enterprise Products Partners is building a new 500,000 barrel crude oil gathering terminal at the  upstream end of a major pipeline that will carry crude eastward, where it will be pumped into larger transcontinental pipelines or sent on to refineries along the Texas coast.

These Eagle Ford shale pipeline construction and oilfield photos were taken July, 25, 2011 by Nolan Hart.

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