Eagle Ford Shale Call Before You Dig Phone Number

Wherever oil and gas wells exist, such as the newly discovered Eagle Ford shale play, there is the danger of high pressure natural gas pipelines being ruptured due to excavation. Companies post pipeline warning signs at intervals along the length of the pipeline, as well as where it crosses the highway right of way. There have been no major pipeline accidents in the Eagle Ford shale area yet, thanks in part to the efforts of organizations such as Texas 811 as well as adequate pipeline warning signage placed along areas where digging could occur.

If you think that it is difficult for farm or construction equipment, even a post hole digger, to penetrate a steel pipeline, you might want to think again. The Texas Railroad Commission reports that the number of pipeline accidents rose to 270 in 2005 and to 305 the next year before falling to 288 incidents in 2007, the last year in which figures were recorded. Many of these pipeline accidents were caused by auger and back hoe operators.

Below is a photo of a high pressure pipeline warning sign, typical of those used in the Eagle Ford shale area.

If you plan to do any kind of digging, including root – plowing, post hole digging, or otherwise, in an area where there is even the slightest chance of an oil and gas pipeline occurring, please call 811. This is the official number of Texas 811 and the phone number to call in Texas before digging.

In areas where oil and gas is produced or refined, high pressure pipeline signs may warn of many types of hazards, including high pressure CO2, LPG or liquified petroleum gas, crude oil, even poisonous H2S gas.