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The western part of the Eagle Ford shale play, in counties such as Dimmit and Zavala, has not received as much media attention as the eastern side. Despite this however, Dimmit county is the currently epicenter of a frenzy of oil and gas drilling activity.  Carrizo Springs is the county seat and the largest city in Dimmit County, Texas. Carrizo Springs is quickly becoming a regional oilfield hub, as oil and gas service companies open up satellite offices there. There are scores of newly opened oilfield businesses in Carrizo Springs, along with heavy traffic on area roads. A veritable flood of oil and gas royalty income is beginning to pour into the hands of some fortunate owners of large ranches, such as the Briscoe family, as well as benefiting smaller landholders. (The Briscoe family, heirs of the late Governor Dolph Briscoe, own more than 560,000 acres of land in South Texas, much of it in the Eagle Ford shale area.)  Oil and gas companies drilling in Dimmit  County include  Anadarko E&P, Chesapeake Operating, Newfield Exploration, Shell Western E&P, Rosetta Resources, El Paso E&P,  Lewis Petro Properties and Murphy Exploration and Production. According to the Texas Railroad  Commission,  more than 300  new drilling permits have been issued for Dimmit  County since the first of 2012. (As of April 22.)  There is no sign of oil and gas drilling in Dimmit  County letting up anytime soon, since the core “liquids rich” part of the Eagle Ford Shale runs right through the heart of the area.  As you can see in the contour map of the Eagle Ford Shale  below, the depth of the Eagle Ford  runs from just over 4000′ along the Zavala  County line, to over 8000′  near the Webb County line.

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 map of the Eagle Ford Shale in Dimmit County

Below, the small town of  Big Wells is living up to its name as  rigs drilling Eagle Ford Shale “gushers” can be seen from almost anywhere in town. The small town was named for large Carrizo – Wilcox  water wells, which were used to  irrigate crops such as onions  and cabbage. Now that same water is in high demand from oil companies, who use it to frac  new  Eagle Ford Shale wells in Dimmit county. Oilfield businesses in Dimmit  County are thriving and creating many new jobs for area residents. Second Photo: The new offices of  Flexpipe Systems, a new oilfield business in Big Wells Texas, which  specializes in providing water line and pipe to the oil industry.

 a tanker truck in the Eagle Ford Shale at Big Wells

 a water line rental company in the Eagle Ford Shale near Big Wells Texas

Money from the oil and gas industry that is flowing into Dimmit  County may help to uplift some of the more impoverished areas of the county. Small  migrant worker shacks, such as this one in Big Wells Texas, are being bulldozed down to make room for new oilfield businesses, housing  and RV parks.  This oil boom is not without its problems  however. The  government of Dimmit County is finding it hard  to keep county roads maintained and keep up  with the demand for classroom space for children of oilfield workers and other issues. The population of Dimmit  County has long hovered around 10,000  people, yet according to some estimates that figure has  nearly doubled in the past three years.

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An old migrant workers shack in Big Wells Texas  Eagle Ford Shale drilling rig and water pipe in Big Wells Texas, Dimmit County.

Below, an old longhorn cow near the county line may be wondering if there will be any water left for her after Eagle Ford shale drilling in Dimmit county is done.

An old longhorn cow drinking from a water trough near Dimmit county line.

In the next image, an oilfield gate guard checks in visitors to a new Eagle Ford shale well location.

An oilfield gate guard in the Eagle Ford shale

Below, a steady stream of traffic flows along State Hwy 85  between  Big Wells and Carrizo Springs. On the hill in the far distance is a new oilfield business specializing in saltwater disposal from Eagle Ford Shale wells in Dimmit and Zavala counties.

Eagle ford shale truck traffic near Carrizo Springs and Big Wells

There will be some reduction in the amount of oil tanker traffic across the Eagle Ford Shale play as new pipelines come online this summer. However, overall oilfield traffic will  most likely continue  for many years to come as thousands more wells are drilled. Dimmit  County consists of 1,334 square miles, or about 853,760 acres. With some  oil and gas companies experimenting with  well spacing of the small  as 40 acres in the Eagle Ford Shale, there will no doubt be thousands more wells drilled in Dimmit  and surrounding counties.

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