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It  the intent of The Eagle Ford Shale Blog to provide news and information to the public about this major oil and gas play in South Texas.  We are an independently owned Eagle Ford Shale website and hope to provide landowners with relevant information about this exciting oil and gas discovery. Our site may contain editorial opinions about the Eagle Ford shale that some readers may not agree with but we will strive to provide accurate and unbiased information. If you notice an egregious error in any of our articles, please let us know about it using the “Contact” feature at the bottom right – hand side of this page and we’ll try to correct it as soon as possible.

Why Is The Eagle Ford Shale Such Big News?

The economic benefits of the Eagle Ford shale discovery  are just now beginning be felt across the  state of Texas and the U.S.  It’s such as huge discovery that it’s actually starting turning the tide on foreign oil imports. Partly because of the Eagle Ford shale, along with other new “tight sands” and shale plays, the United States will become the worlds number one oil producing nation, (ahead of Saudi Arabia), by 2017 according to a recent Goldman Sachs report.   We hope to keep you informed and up to date as this fast moving oil and gas play transforms a large area of South Texas.  Change is happening fast in the Eagle Ford shale play and being armed with up -to – date information can help make dealing with this huge oil boom easier. We’re  South Texan owned, and hope to provide updated news, photos and commentary as we see new developments occur in the Eagle Ford shale. For those who want to keep up with the latest news, including Eagle Ford Shale property owners, please  bookmark our site in your favorites and visit us often.

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