Eagle Ford Shale Play Photos

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Here are some recent photos taken this spring of new activity in the Eagle Ford shale oil and gas play in South Texas. In this most recent collection of Eagle Ford shale photos you will find some images of new activity in Karnes, Atascosa, McMullen, LaSalle, Gonzales, DeWitt, and Live Oak counties. I recently logged about 500 miles, driving the back roads in South Texas to get a glimpse of how things are progressing in the Eagle Ford. As you cross back and forth across across the core of the “sweet spot” or liquids rich core of the Eagle Ford shale, you see a common theme. That is, oil and gas wells on a farm or ranch, and new homes with new cars in the driveway. From the looks of things, at least some of those who have received bonus money or royalty checks are spending some of it. You see farmers with new tractors, fancy new ranch gate entrances, and in towns such as Floresville, new businesses such as motels, restaurants and oilfield related businesses.

The first photo below was taken in Pleasanton, Texas, (which located  just north of the major Eagle Ford shale liquids core area), shows new cars for sale on a lot next to a new motel being built. The second Eagle Ford shale photo on below was taken south of Jordanton, Texas.  It shows new oilfield equipment  in temporary storage before being installed on leases in Eagle Ford Shale.

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 car dealers in the Eagle Ford Shale area of south Texas have seen  an upswing in business. There is also a major need for new motels.

Next, a drilling rig on an Eagle Ford shale well just north of Cotulla Texas, near the small community of Woodward in LaSalle county.

near Woodward Texas.

 a new oilfield equipment supply yard located just south of Journanton Texas on SH-16

Below,  vacuum trucks unloading produced water  from Eagle Ford Shale wells  at a new saltwater disposal facility north of Tilden Texas.  Because of the  great amount of water used to frac Eagle Ford Shale wells,  there  is a need for more  saltwater disposal wells in the Eagle Ford Shale. Many new vacuum truck driver jobs in the Eagle Ford shale have been created as a result for this need to dispose of produced water from new wells.  So competitive is the  Eagle Ford Shale saltwater disposal business that you will  often  find facilities located across the road from each other. There is another Eagle Ford shale saltwater injection facility in Atascosa county located just across SH-16 from the one seen below.

 a photo  of gas flares in the Eagle Ford shale  burning at night.

Above: Gas flares burning at night are becoming a common sight across much of South Texas.

 a new saltwater disposal well and surface facility in Atascosa County Texas

Below  is a photo taken at night,  showing new natural gas treatment equipment including a separator and dehydrator unit on a new Eagle Ford well location  in Karnes County. The  second photo below it,  shows a Union Pacific locomotive and cars loaded full of aggregate which is destined for new  Well locations and roads in the Eagle Ford Shale area.  The  aggregate or gravel business is booming in South Texas.   Some material is being sourced locally, however  much of the  premium aggregate material is coming from outside of South Texas.

 Karnes County Eagle Ford Shale well

 train  car loads  of aggregate or gravel destined for new Eagle Ford Shale wells and locations in South Texas

A  new well location in southern Atascosa County. This  photo shows a heater treater,  tank battery  and a small flare burning waste gas. The second photo shows a  a large new natural gas liquids gathering and treatment facility near Pleasanton Texas.

 Eagle Ford Shale  well,  heater treater,  and tank battery in Atascosa County

 a large new natural gas liquids processing plant in Eagle Ford Shale

A pipeline crew laying a new line in LaSalle County near Woodward, northwest of Cotulla.

Workers laying a new Eagle Ford shale pipeline near Cotulla.

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